Dec. 25th, 2009

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i've been watching a lot of werewolf movies lately: an american werewolf in london, the howling, dog soldiers and the wolf man (from 1941). i'd always wanted to see them but never got around to it, till now.

i have a few more i plan to watch soon; tomorrow, perhaps.
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i haven't seen the new sherlock holmes movie yet, but i probably will, eventually.

i admit i am kind of bitter about it because i never did anything with my own sherlock holmes project (which started as a nanowrimo novel back in 2005). it was about an action-oriented sherlock holmes: more specifically, a kung fu sherlock holmes.

the premise of a physically tough, martial-artist holmes is actually supported by the original texts: in "the adventure of the speckled band," holmes, with his bare hands, straightens out a poker iron that was bent into a curve by a huge man as a threat. in "the adventure of the empty house," holmes explains that he escaped what seemed like death at the hands of moriarty thanks to his "knowledge... of baritsu, or the Japanese system of wrestling."

my version also threw in wong fei-hung as a major supporting character, after i realized that the folk hero (and main character of many kung fu movies, including the once upon a time in china series) was a contemporary of holmes.

of course, my nanowrimo novel was poorly written and completely ludicrous, full of ninjas and mole men at whatnot. however, i always thought it was a good idea at its core and thought maybe someday i could edit or rewrite it, or perhaps repurpose it as a comic book or videogame.

as usual, of course, i did nothing. *sigh* at this point it would only be seen as a ripoff of guy ritchie's holmes.

(P.S. i did self-publish the completely unedited (!) text of my novel on cafepress back then, since designing a book was more interesting to me than actually editing XD)

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