Oct. 24th, 2012 11:08 am
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i wonder if it would be possible to create a dreamwidth layout that adds some google+ - like UI features: namely, commenting right on your reading page (i.e. without having to go to the post's page); and auto-collapsing of long posts. i don't know enough about dreamwidth layouts to know if that's possible to do completely client-side (i don't even know if layouts can have javascript in them).

(i may well be leaving google+ once they fix google takeout so it actually lets you archive all your posts, instead of just the last 250... but i miss some of the UI there.)


Jul. 25th, 2010 05:29 pm
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sometimes i feel like i'd like a break from the internet (although work stuff would make that difficult). but i'm not talking about going camping or getting away from urban life. just the internet.

maybe i'm just longing for the past. it's hard to believe that when i lived in winnipeg, in 1989 or thereabouts, i didn't even own a computer. i'd never seen a cell phone. the world wide web didn't exist. i didn't own a tv either. even so, i still struggled with distraction back then. i remember calling myself a "browseaholic". i spent a lot of time at libraries and newsstands, flipping through books and magazines.


Apr. 5th, 2010 01:48 am
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is it wrong that i sort of want to cosplay the trololo guy?

i guess i'd just need a wig, and a suit. and a creepy smile.
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not only have i not been posting (nothing new) but i've not even been reading. *sigh* sorry :(

whee blah

Jan. 26th, 2010 03:00 am
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i've been meaning to post something for the past week, at least, but i keep staring at the blank text entry box, watching the cursor blink...


as script frenzy approaches, i am preparing for it by reading the book the way to write radio drama by william ash (thanks to the public library). i'm enjoying it. i need to listen to more radio plays.

i'm still doing the iphone freelance programming thing. i may be doing some android work, too...

i need to draw more.
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these must be pretty amazing!

(sorry about the blurry pic)

[crossposted from twitter]
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i remember joking about this idea before. well it's not a joke any more.*


via @greenspeak

* ETA: to clarify, the joke was the videogame edition of the book. not the game itself.
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i finally watched ginger snaps. LOVED it. and i just found out that the screenwriter was born in halifax! martimes represent, y0.

in other horror movie news, saw daybreakers last night with a rather large crowd. excellent movie. smart vampire science fiction. the only thing i didn't understand was why the vampires didn't sparkle... *ducks*.
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nothing much new here.

i ended my "break" on monday, and am back doing the contract iPhone app programming thing. during my time off i worked on my own projects, just a little. everything seems to take so long, though....

i've been dabbling with python a bit (finally!). i like it. i should blog about it more over on my development blog (i should blog more there, period). i'm still not quite used to the lack of a token (be it a brace or a keyword) to signal the end of a block, though. it kind of makes me feel uneasy, relying on whitespace only!

in other news, i have been roped into volunteering to be toronto co-ML for script frenzy this year. i've never done script frenzy—i've always been too burned out after nanowrimo to do it, even though it's months later (i need a year to recuperate, apparently!). thus, i skipped nano last november for the express purpose of doing script frenzy this year. i've never written a script of any sort before. i hope to do a 30/40s-style adventure radio serial of some sort. perhaps werewolf-related.... anyone else planning on script frenzying this year?
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some days i feel like i'm *this close* to writing my own twitter client (for the desktop).

it would be a lot of work, though, especially to get in all the features i want. none of the existing clients quite do it for me...
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i've decided that i need to cut back on the number of podcasts i listen to.

don't get me wrong: i love podcasts, just like i like all kinds of talk radio in general. and it's not just that i've subscribed to so many that i never catch up on them all.

what i'm realizing, though, is that listening to podcasts has replaced my inner monologue when i'm out walking, or riding transit, or whatever. and it's during those monologues that i often do a lot of "work" on whatever projects i happen to be working on.

i have many memories dating as far back as junior high and high school of walking longish distances through the streets of halifax, juggling blocks of code in my head. or working out plot points in a role-playing game i was GMing. or just making up stories.

i love the comfort i get from many podcasts, when the cast members know each other really well, and they love what they're doing, and the chemistry is terrific.

but i really need more of that inner-head time back, especially if i want to get as much done this year as i hope to.


Jan. 1st, 2010 02:02 pm
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it seems a lot of you are saying "two thousand ten" now (at least [livejournal.com profile] mmarque's friends ;), but i bet when the olympics start, you'll be hearing "twenty-ten" a LOT.


it's twenty-ten there, all the way, all the time.

personally, i am growing fond of MMX ;)

(go vote in her poll!)
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in 2010 i want to post more to dw/lj. even if it's mundane or mind-crushingly boring; even if it's poorly written; even if no one reads it; for posterity and reference, if nothing else.

as for 2009: well, it wasn't the best, especially compared to twenty-aught-eight. many hard losses, of different kinds. but despite the downsides, i began to feel better about myself overall (i'm just realizing this now actually). and my mood has been stable enough that my dosage of meds has been reduced. that's a good sign.

and the best thing about the past year? my awesome friends, old and new. can't complain about that :)

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i haven't seen the new sherlock holmes movie yet, but i probably will, eventually.

i admit i am kind of bitter about it because i never did anything with my own sherlock holmes project (which started as a nanowrimo novel back in 2005). it was about an action-oriented sherlock holmes: more specifically, a kung fu sherlock holmes.

the premise of a physically tough, martial-artist holmes is actually supported by the original texts: in "the adventure of the speckled band," holmes, with his bare hands, straightens out a poker iron that was bent into a curve by a huge man as a threat. in "the adventure of the empty house," holmes explains that he escaped what seemed like death at the hands of moriarty thanks to his "knowledge... of baritsu, or the Japanese system of wrestling."

my version also threw in wong fei-hung as a major supporting character, after i realized that the folk hero (and main character of many kung fu movies, including the once upon a time in china series) was a contemporary of holmes.

of course, my nanowrimo novel was poorly written and completely ludicrous, full of ninjas and mole men at whatnot. however, i always thought it was a good idea at its core and thought maybe someday i could edit or rewrite it, or perhaps repurpose it as a comic book or videogame.

as usual, of course, i did nothing. *sigh* at this point it would only be seen as a ripoff of guy ritchie's holmes.

(P.S. i did self-publish the completely unedited (!) text of my novel on cafepress back then, since designing a book was more interesting to me than actually editing XD)
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i've been watching a lot of werewolf movies lately: an american werewolf in london, the howling, dog soldiers and the wolf man (from 1941). i'd always wanted to see them but never got around to it, till now.

i have a few more i plan to watch soon; tomorrow, perhaps.


Dec. 6th, 2009 02:56 am
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wow i am never here any more.

if i had to assign blame, i guess i would blame twitter and irc. i've been on irc more often of late due to the just-recently-ended nanowrimo (which i did not participate in this year, except socially).

on the other hand there are things that i wouldn't feel comfortable expressing in either of those places-- on the third hand, i think i'd have trouble putting some of those things in writing at all.

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the toronto after dark film festival has crept up on me because it's in august this year, rather than in october as it has been in past years. i forgot about it when i booked my flight to halifax, so i'll be missing most of it, alas.


that said, i hope to catch at least one this weekend. i already bought my ticket for FRANKLYN, which looks neat:
franklyn trailer )

it's showing saturday evening at 5:30pm. anyone else want to join me? :)

district 9

and of course DISTRICT 9 opens this weekend too, which is getting a lot of positive reviews! i must see this opening weekend. maybe opening night. i know a lot of you plan to see this too. any plans yet?

lastly, just a reminder to anyone in the halifax area that i will be there from tuesday aug 18 till tuesday aug 25. i believe i arrive late at night tuesday, but from wednesday onward my schedule is wide open :)


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:18 pm
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so i finally fixed my xootr scooter. it was a bit of a challenge for me, since i basically had to disassemble half of it and reassemble with the new parts, and i have pretty much zero experience with vehicle repair of any kind.

i was so proud of myself when i had successfully reassembled the front wheel, brake pad and lower half of the steering column-- when i realized that i'd forgetten to attach it to the rest of the scooter while i was at it. *facepalm* so i had to undo all of that and rebuild it again from scratch.

so far so good! it hasn't fallen apart yet, although when i get back home today i may check the screws and bolts to see if anything has been excessively loosened by the vibration.

but i have my wheels back!

now for the weather to cooperate...

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