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would anyone local be interested in a visit to sweet flour tonight or tomorrow evening?

wow they're open till 10pm tonight (till 7pm tomorrow).
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for a variety of reasons, things are ok right now :)
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had an interestingish weekend that i feel i should blog about. mixed thoughts, emotions. not sure what any of it means.

right now though i am just going to say that lj appears to be down, at the moment :P


May. 5th, 2009 11:54 pm
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i believe the current focus of dreamwidth's style team ([site community profile] dw_styles) is to create a robust underlying engine that allows a great deal of flexibility and stuff--at least i think so. still, i have to say that i sure wish the small handful of layout options we have at this point were a little bit more attractive...

patience, i know... patience...
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i just remembered that when i lived in winnipeg, i didn't own a computer.

and when i lived there, the world wide web did not exist.

how things have changed...

thank you!

May. 2nd, 2009 01:43 am
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whoever bought me the one month of paid account time-- thank you!!
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sometimes social media just makes me feel more lonely :(


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:57 pm
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and also want to say, HOORAY for separating "friends" out into "reading" and "give access." much less emotionally-loaded terminology, and better control off the bat without having to delve into "friend groups."

what codes work here. lj user? [personal profile] bunnyhero test. what about dw user? nope, i guess <dw user="bunnyhero"> does not work.

i really want to change the site colour scheme though, just to add a tad more blue to the purple.

so i'm assuming it's still "lj-cut" and not "dw-cut":
cut test )

this is likely not cut
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first, thanks to [personal profile] nyxie  for the invite!

second, "trooscopic (or whatever) red" site theme looks more like "pink" on my monitor >> thankfully, the purple theme is better, although the design + colour makes me feel like i should be smelling a fresh lavender scent.

anyway. i like the TOS for sure.

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